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We Ain’t Done Yet

The Aggazine

Welcome to A&P Agency

founded July 2021 by Stefan Aguilera and Jacob Piasecki

July 1st was when the NCAA began to allow college athletes to profit off their “NIL”, hence opening the doorway to endless opportunity. Our team of experts, having extensive backgrounds in social media & sports, recognized the potential for this brand new market. In turn allowing us to lock in deals with some of the largest companies in the world for our players.

We provide a unique blend of client services such as representation, social media management, public relations, and legal counseling. Upon adding a new client to our team we create a unique strategy that ensures that each client we represent is in the best possible position. We understand that each client will have different aspirations, and goals throughout their college career, and with our team of experts implementing the strategies we set forth for each client we make sure that those goals are met.

Sincerely from the professionals that turn your passion into a pay check!


Jacob Piasecki

5 years of experience in Social Networks, and Social & Educational technologies
Experience with NFTs, and cryptocurrency

Stefan Aguilera

5 years of experience in Social Media Marketing
Trademark owner of “we ain’t done yet”
90k followers in total across all social platforms

Tony Buzbee

Tony Buzbee is a nationwide figure who is sought out in every kind of case all over the country.
The New York Times Magazine described Buzbee as: “One of the most successful trial lawyers in the country.”

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